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Rail Relics Today was created out of frustration of limited places to buy and sell railroad keys, locks and other artifacts of a bygone era. A collector of switch keys, I decided that this website would not only help myself but the many collectors, hobbist and enthusiasts that are out there searching for their next item to add to his or her collection. Please visit Rail Relics Today often for, we are always adding new items that are for sale.


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Rail Relics Todays' goal is to make this a pleasant and recurring place for every person who enjoys collecting along with the anticipation of finding their next "prize". Knowing that any buy or sell transaction can sometimes have problems, RRT has created a Book of Rules page. Please read this page for; RRT will try and cover in our policy and disclaimer any transaction that might go awry.

A Cautionary Note

Buyer Beware! Always a good thought to keep in mind. There are many websites that offer railroad relics for sale. Most - if not all the proprietors of these websites, do not have railroad experience or even know what the railroad items they are offering for sale, were utilized for on the railroad. I have collected railroad relics for over 40 years. Although I do not claim to be an expert, I do offer 28 years of actual railroad experience and knowledge in railroad transportation. For the collectors just starting out and even us "old timers", keep in mind that there are still people trying to sell fake or counterfeit railroad keys and locks. For example click here: railroad fakes

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