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Welcome to Rail Relics Today. 03/05/2017. Since arriving home from Mayland November last, it has been a busy past three months for me. I have been dedicating my free time listing switch keys and locks I had brought back with me. In updating my website, I have completed listing 95% of this east coast collection. For myself, this a relief, for after 3 months of website updating, which includes staring at a monitor screen for long periods, I experience a condition that I have named as "Railroad Burn Out". I do have a few more items to list but I can now slow down and enjoy my other hobbies. For visitors who would like to save time, the "B" key page is the latest updated key page. Looking ahead, as far as new listings go, I am shooting for mid April to begin adding new items.


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Rail Relics Todays' goal is to make this a pleasant and recurring place for every person who enjoys collecting along with the anticipation of finding their next "prize". Knowing that any buy or sell transaction can sometimes have problems, RRT has created Book of Rules page. Please read this page for; RRT will try and cover in our policy and disclaimer any transaction that might go awry.

Please vist Rail Relics Today often, for I am periodically adding new items for sale.

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