Chicago, Canal street coach yard for Amtrak & Metra

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Rail Relics Today was created out of frustration of limited places to buy and sell railroad keys, locks and other artifacts of a bygone era. A collector of switch keys, I decided that this website would not only help myself but the many collectors, hobbist and enthusiasts that are out there searching for their next item to add to his or her collection. Please visit Rail Relics Today often for, we are always adding new items that are for sale.


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Rail Relics Todays' goal is to make this a pleasant and recurring place for every person who enjoys collecting along with the anticipation of finding their next "prize". Knowing that any buy or sell transaction can sometimes have problems, RRT has created a Book of Rules page. Please read this page for; RRT will try and cover in our policy and disclaimer any transaction that might go awry.

Postage Alert

Because of increases in postal fees (not stamps), I have decided to end free delivery on all switch keys. The cost to ship a key is $3.00; to ship a lock small flat rate box, is now $6.10. I will waive the shipping cost for anyone purchasing two or more keys. Personal check or money orders are my preferred method of payment. For buyers who prefer to use Paypal for a fast and secure sale transaction, the added cost is 2.9% of the total item price.

New Addition to Website

I am pleased to announce the launching of my new "Wanted" webpage. This page is dedicated to all frustrated collectors who have searched in vain without any success, in locating a particular railroad item. By advertising your search on Rail Relics Today's website, hopefully, someone-somewhere, will notice your want ad and has the item you have been searching for.

Picture Gallery

Neglected for a long while, I have added and will continue to add new pictures to my Picture Gallery page. I can think of worse things to do to pass the time. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

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