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Early Ann Arbor streetcar  Streetcars on Peachtree St. Atlanta early 1900's  B&O R.R station, Laurel, Maryland.  Boston Elevated Ry Co.  BR&P No.1001, aka the Comet  A Brooklyn two horse (power) trolley.  CTA Green Hornet PCC 4391  CTA streetcar on LaSalle near Washington Street.  CTA PCC No.4047 
First interurban cars on the DA&N R.R.  Almont, Michigan, July 1, 1914  Central and Interurban Loops near 15th and Arapahoe  Columbus, Ohio Interurban Union Station  Illinois Terminal Electric Line  The Indiana Railroad No.80  One of Iowa's interurban street cars  Jacksonville, Florida, view of Bay Street  Jacksonville, FL - intersection of Forsyth & Main  Fonda-Johnstown & Gloversville cars 
Electric Interurban Trolley, Winfield, KS.  Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee R.R.  Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee R.R.  New York Central electric locomotive No.6000  NY&Q transit car No.32 on the Jamiaca line  Chicago-Cincinnati & Louisville R.R. station  First Ohio Electric car  Pacific Electric Railway  Pacific Electric Ry Company 
Sacramento Northern R.R. station ca. 1921.  San Diego Electric Rapid Transit Company  Washington Baltimore & Annapolis electric railroad  Horse drawn trolley car, Wichita City Ry Co.  The Interurban, Van Alstyne, Texas  Tacoma Interurban Railway  The Toledo & Chicago Interurban R.R.  Washington, D. C. underground conduit  A station along the Stockyards L 
North Jersey Rapid Transit  Newark, 1914.  Oregon Electric baggage car  IR&T-Interurban Ry & Terminal  Atlanta, GA  Postcards from Seattle's Past: 1901-1920  Interurban Electric R.R, Holland, Michigan  Bellaire Street Railway Company  Ohio Southern Traction Company 
A interurban freight engine  The Interurban Railroad  Auburn & Syracuse Electric Ry Co.  Displaced interurban passengers  Displaced interurban passengers  The first interurban railroad car into Ames  The New York-Westchester & Boston Railway  Houston, the new streetcar viaduct, 1946  Two PCC’s passing at a tram stop 
Out with the old, in with the new  Lost Through truss bridge  Seattle with a VIP pose  Tacoma Interurban  Interurban railroad passenger bus  Horse trolley  Canton Massillon Electric Railway  Houston, the new streetcar viaduct, 1946  Gary Railway's No.'s 17 & 3 
Interurban car barn  Illinois Traction System  Brooklyn horse rail trolley No.97  Pacific Electric interurban  Gallopping Goose  Spring & Sixth Ry  Cable Ry No.1889  Nashville Interurban Ry  Atlantic City, ca. 1910 
Auburn Syracuse Electric Ry  Texas  Old advertisement for the Texas Electric Ry  Pacific Electric Special  New Haven Electric Ry  San Diego Electric Ry  Cincinnati & Lake Erie Electric  Interurban Limited at Indianapolis  Ft.DDM&S Ry 
Tampa’s 1st street railway system  Atlanta  Kansas City Public Service Co.  Danville, Indiana Interurban R.R. depot  Bellefontaine, Ohio interurban  Milwaukee Road locomotive No.10503  1st electric car in Los Angeles  1st electric car in Los Angeles  The Schenectady - Saratoga Trolley 
Chicago-L- station at Lawrence  1st  Newton & Boston Street Ry.  Los Angeles Cable Ry  Wheeling-Ry 1890s-trolley  CA&E electric Ry at Wheaton  Pacific Electric Ry  Jackson-Battle Creek line  Milwaukee Road locomotive No.5519 
Baltimore's Saratoga and Ellicott City Trolley  Chicago  Electric Red Line train-Fruitvale, Oakland  Dayton  LA Cable Ry to Boyle Heights  Eckington & Soldiers Home Ry  Downtown Atlanta  Ohio Trolley Car No.11  Trolley Sodus Point, NY 
CTA streetcar South Shore & South Bend July 1947  The Houston & North Shore Railroad  San Francisco Municipal Ry No.524  Chicago Daily News photo  CNA&J in 1902  Market Street stub terminal in downtown Chicago.  San Francisco-streetcar  HG&B electric Ry station  Boyle Heights 1st Cable Ry 
Northern Electric St. Ry  Los Angeles cable cars  1st Street Viaduct ca.1893. 

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