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ACL R.R. engine 1001  Alaska R.R. engine No.4013  AL&M R.R. engine No.1815  Bangor & Aroostook  East end of Belt Ry yard  Belt Railway of Chicago  B&O CT switcher No.9606   B&O locomotive No.6948  BR F-Series engine No.9969 & coaches. 
CP Railway train  CB&Q engine GE U28B No.140  CGW Covered Wagon No.112-C  CMSt.P&P EMD F7(A)  Parked Clinchfield engines No.6001 & No.4607  CP train  C&NW postcard photo  Chessie System engine No.8634  Eastbound Conrail freight 
C&WI engine No.3611  Cornwall switch goats 12 &16  DT&I engine  D&RG train  D&H engine No.7312  Erie engine No.833  Frisco engine  Georgia R.R. engine No.1026  GN train 
Ohio Central R.R.  Santa Fe streamliner No.325  Monon freight train  North Coast Limited  PRR the Big Engine  Locomotive No.8740  Wabash E-7 No.1002  P&WV R.R.  Monon train 
Genesee & Wyoming R.R.  Union Pacific Heritage engines  Union Pacific 1982 engine  Union Pacific No.1983 engine  Union Pacific No.1988 engine  Union Pacific No.1989 engine  Union Pacific No.1995 engine  Union Pacific No.1996 engine  Monon railroad 
Missouri Pacific  California Northern No.105  New York New Haven & Hartford  Wabash engine No.1012  N&W engine No.2965  Santa Fe engine No.640  Northern Pacific train  D&H Baldwin Sharknoses  UP Railroad streamliner 
T&P No.60  California Zephyr train  Rock Island F-series  Santa Fe Southern  IC Railroad  UP runaway engine  N&W commuter train  Wisconsin Southern engines  UP R.R. streamliner 
Arkansas-Midland  WP engine No.1502  EJ&E R.R. switcher  J&J engine No.1  Cadiz R.R. engine  N&W engine  N&W engine No.766  WP engine  B&O engine No.855 
CSX-NS engines  Western Pacific engine  Iowa Interstate engine  L&N engine No.481  GM&O engine No.803a  JCL-engine 2001  CGW 111c train  BA&P-101-108 engines  UP M-10005 
B&LE No.908 pulls train  CV Ry engine No.3611  Engine No.3965.  N&W trainl  Missouri Pacific  Reading engine  NKP engine 866  Erie engine No.309  Seaboard Coast Line 
ICG engines 8710 & 8155  HBL engine No.02  NKP train  NS engine No.4002  Classic-3  Milwaukee Road engine No.532  IC engine No.1004  Southern Pacific engine 5100  Seaboard Coast Line 

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