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ACL 4-8-4s built by Baldwin Locomotive Works.  AT&SF Madame Queen  Alton steam engine No.2422  B&O R.R.  Boston & Albany Berkshire 2-8-4  CNR No.6218  Toronto, Canada CN locomotive No.3421  East meets west  East meets west 
CP crews Camp Victory  Last Spike-Promontory Summit  Central Pacific No.113  Ten-Wheeler CPR No.472  CCC&StL Railway locomotive & tender  CB&Q locomotive  CB&Q engine No.2863  C&A R.R. engine No.501  CB&Q 2-8-2 engine 
CM&StP R.R's 1st passenger train West Merrill, WI  C&NW engine No.2908  CL&N Ry  DL&W R.R.  Scranton, PA, ca. 1900  DM&I train Proctor, MN ca. 1940  Salem Missouri, Frisco R.R. depot  N&W's Jawn Henry  N&W's (Ronoke?) roundhouse 
N&W engine No.611  N&W Class J No.611  NKP engine No.743  NP, Casey Jones Special  D&RG's Chili Line  TH&B locomotive No.22 with crew  W&LE 2-8-4 Berkshire type locomotive  Flordia & Southern  T&SE R.R. engine No. 4 
Simcoe & Huron Union R.R. Co.  Erie No.3399, Berkshire locomotive  Milwaukee & Northern Engine No.18  N&W J Class 4-8-4 No.601  Pere Marquette No.1225  Steam GTW R.R. commuter train  SPLA&SL R.R. ebgine No.32  Lincoln funeral train  Chesapeake & Ohio Ry 
Wabash 4-6-2 No.673  CI&L 4-8-0 Mastodon  N&W's coaling tower  Q&NS Paper No.86  SP roundhouse 1930  NYC Hudson locomotive streamliner  KCS Ry engine  T&P Class M-1 (4-8-2) Mountain No.901  Double header, MP R.R. locomotives 
Colorado Train Greeting Card  New Haven R.R. coal burning steam switcher No.3614  Portland & Ogdensburg R.R. train  Wabash R.R. steam engine No.2822  UP freight train  Central Vermont Ry locomotive  DT&I 2-8-4 Berkshire  Lincoln Special at Harrisburg, PA.  NP steam locomotives 
Northern Pacific Ry  Orange & Alexandria R.R.  Memphis & Charleston R.R.  Rutland R.R. 2-2-8  PL&W engine No.5.  Oregon Short Line R.R.  Detroit-Toledo & Ironton 2-8-4 Berkshire  Yosemite Valley R.R.  Frisco engine No.115 
Pony engine No.3. & crew  Ulster-Delaware R.R.  TA&G Railway  East Broad Top Railroad No.7  Northern Pacific Railway locomotives  Chicago-Milwaukee & St.Paul R.R.  NYC passenger train  Northern Pacific No.2626  Northern Pacific Railway 
CB&Q train  CB&Q train Aurora, IL station  H&BT-2-8-0  BC&G No.4  Genesee & Wyoming engine  Frisco's Bluebonnet train  CGW No.90  Civil War train station  Orange & Alexandria Ry 
Santa Fe No.1828  Northern Pacific Railway Class Z-6 locomotives  Soo Line No.1003  UP No.7856  Rio Grande Western R.R.  Raritan River R.R. engine No.4  ca.1883. Opening of the NP R.R.  CE&I engine No.1012  Montgomery Tunnel 

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